THINGS THAT ESCORTS APPRECIATE ABOUT MENIt is definitely not an easy thing to do to impress a woman, and it is of no difference when it comes to escorts. Since they are used to a high standard life, you need to learn some few tips to make her appreciate and like you, for the easy going of your encounters.

First of all, patience, sacrifices, agility and trust are the bases for winning her over, and making sure you rank at the top of her clients’ list. Learning the correct conduct and how to behave will get you far with your escort Paris.


There is nothing more crippling than a dirty man, especially if you date escorts. As a result, they appreciate the company of clean men, in terms of body odour and clean clothes.

So, if you have an appointment with your escort Paris, make sure you arrive very, very clean. A quick tour in the shower before meeting her or even at the location will certainly do you no harm.

Well-spoken men

When discussing with a man over the phone and before meeting him, the escort Paris tries to picture him in her head, so the way you communicate with her is what will make or break you.

Most of them actually appreciate straight-forward men, who still manage to remain pleasant. It is therefore important if a man speaks and writes well.


Confidence is another trait which will always be a good point for men when it comes down to escorts. As a matter of fact, a confident man is one who is sure about himself. Avoiding being cocky, listening to her, getting to know her and complimenting her about what she told you when you are sincere about it will be much appreciated by your escort Paris.

Well-dressed men

All women like classy and posh men, those who dress and show up nicely at a date, and escorts from 6annonce are no different. As a matter of fact, they have the fashion sense and know designer brands.

Dress up nicely for your first and subsequent dates and encounters, looking decent and respectable, and you are sure on leaving a long-lasting impression on her.


If you are capable of keeping up a good conversation, you will surely earn her respect. They know how to appreciate men with brains, with whom they will not get bored for one second, and with whom they can have intelligent conversation, since most of them are highly cultivated. However, it is important to remain natural, and not try to go overboard.


Men who can make a woman laugh know the way to her heart. Laughter is the best medicine as it said, and it is the best icebreaker. If you have not met her for the first time, it might actually be awkward, so it is important to try and alleviate the anxiety by sharing a good laugh with her.


No one cares about the amount of your tip, but if you can do it, it will definitely be appreciated. This way, she will feel you enjoyed her company and the efforts she made to satisfy you and will guarantee you to have a chance to see her again.